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The Okinawa Diet: healthy weight loss and recipes

The Okinawa Diet program adapts traditional Okinawan dietary principles for a delicious blend of East and West so that anyone can reap the very same benefits of the leanest and longest-lived people on earth.

The Okinawa Diet program is a revolutionary approach to health, longevity, weight loss, and weight maintenance that is easy to follow and simple to maintain.

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Key Concepts

  1. In order to lose weight, you must burn more calories than you consume.
    • 1 lb of Fat is 3500 Calories: to lose a pound a week, consume 3500 fewer calories per week than you expend.
    • This amounts to 500 calories a day.
    • The best approach is to decrease caloric intake and increase energy expenditure.
  2. Decrease Caloric Intake
    • Caloric Density is an important concept for healthy weight management in the Okinawa Diet. Caloric Density is simply the number of calories per amount of food. An example of a high CD food would be Pork Bacon (5.8) and a low CD choice would Strawberries 0.3.
    • We all need to eat a certain amount of food to feel comfortably full; so cutting back too much on the amount of food we eat is the wrong approach to weight loss.
    • The best approach is to eat the same amount of food but to reduce the caloric intake by reducing the caloric density of each portion.
  3. Increase Energy Expenditure
    • Fortunately for us we burn calories by doing virtually nothing. This leads to another important concept called Baseline Output or (Basal Metabolic Rate - BMR). This is the amount of energy we burn in a typical day without additional exercise.
    • There are two ways to increase our daily energy expenditures: Increase our Baseline Output and burn more calories with extra aerobic activity.
    • Baseline Output can be increased by exercise and developing more lean body mass (muscles).
    • The best approach is a fitness program that combines muscle strengthening and aerobic (cardio) activity in a very powerful synergistic way.

How it works

As an member, you will have access to all the tools and support you need to achieve your health and weight loss goals:

  1. Take the health assessment and define your goals:
    • Goals - lose weight, better overall health or a decrease in body fat weight. It's up to you!
    • Current Health - This will help in determining appropriate diet selections and fitness programs.
    • Preferences - This will help in personalizing the diet and fitness plans.
    • BioMarkers - Enter in your information and we will calculate important indicators that we'll use in the next step to monitor your progress.
      1. Body Mass Index (BMI)
      2. Percentage of Body Fat
      3. Baseline Output
  2. Monitor Progress with our Health Tracker:
    • What I Ate

      Meal Planner - You can follow the suggested meal plans and substitute your favorite recipes when you feel like it. The meal planner will automatically calculate the calories consumed for you. Once you have selected the meal plan for the week, you can print out a shopping list of the ingredients.

    • What I Did

      Select the activity and intensity level from the calorie burner chart. The calories burned will be used to calculate the final calorie deficit.

    • What are my results?

      By monitoring your calories consumed and activity level we will be able to calculate the total calorie deficit. Regular weigh in and body fat measurements can also be used to chart your progress.

    • What I Thought

      What you are thinking and feeling is crucial to your success. Use the journal to write down what you are feeling, what seems to work for you and what is not. If you are feeling fatigued, anxious or unmotivated, We will offer coping strategies and tips to keep you going.

    • Who can I Talk To?

      The support of the Okinawa Diet community is always with you by visiting the chat rooms and message boards. Here you can find others that share the same goals, interests and experiences